Monday, April 16, 2007

Lae's Crime Rates

The Law & Order situation in Lae is getting far worse than expected. Nearly two or three times a week there is a rape case, murder, hold-ups, and many other criminal activities. The crime rates in Lae City has grown over the years, even higher than Port Moresby which is really affecting tourism and business opportunities. If law & order is not restored back in the city, it will continue until one day, the city is in an upheavel.

Eric Woo

Lae City is Papua New Guinea's second largest city, which has a long history. There are some areas in Lae City such as Eriku, which is well - known by many people living in the city. The real name of Eriku is Eric Woo. Eric Woo was the first store to be built on the area now known as Eriku. Over many years, the name has been changed to become Eriku, but in history it is known as Eric Woo